What I edit and what I don’t

This Tweet from Overheard in the Newsroom made me smile and cringe at the same. I smiled because it's funny. I cringed because it feeds into a stereotype about copy editors. I don't edit e-mails from my friends, family and students. I don't edit status updates on Facebook. I don't edit Tweets. I don't edit… Continue reading What I edit and what I don’t

Presenting your credentials with style

Joe Grimm, a longtime recruiter at the Detroit Free Press who now teaches at Michigan State, recently listed common errors of AP style that he sees on journalists' resumes. Capitalization and abbreviations were among the violations. As Grimm pointed out, these are errors by people who say they know AP style. Certainly, as noted here… Continue reading Presenting your credentials with style

The new stylebook’s here! The new stylebook’s here!

My favorite scene in "The Jerk" is when Steve Martin exclaims, "The new phonebook's here! The new phonebook's here!" That's how I feel when a new edition of the AP Stylebook is released. That time is now. I prefer the stylebook in print, but if you like your style on screen, subscribe to the online… Continue reading The new stylebook’s here! The new stylebook’s here!

Cover letters need editing

A recent Q&A on cover letters stayed near the top of the "most popular" list at the New York Times site for nearly a week. It's certainly a timely article, with many people (including journalists) on the job market. And yes, those letters still matter in the age of the e-mailed résumé. The last question… Continue reading Cover letters need editing