How to prepare for the Dow Jones News Fund editing test

Students attend an editing bootcamp at Temple University. The week of training is part of the Dow Jones News Fund internship program. (Photo by Margo Reed)

It’s Dow Jones season. That’s when journalism students apply for internships with the Dow Jones News Fund. Interns will work at over 100 news organizations across the United States in summer 2023.

The application for the multiplatform editing internship includes a timed test that assesses skills in story editing, headline writing, word choice and current events. Here are some tips on how to get ready for this closed-book test, which will be given online:

  • Attend a DJNF prep session via Zoom or watch a recording of one.
  • Review news for the past year, including deaths of noteworthy people. Sports, business and entertainment may be included along with national and international news.
  • Study word pairs listed in the AP Stylebook: who/whom, affect/effect, flounder/founder, etc.
  • Memorize the state locations on a U.S. map. You’ll need to connect news events to the states they took place in.
  • Be ready to brainstorm ideas for digital storytelling, including links and story formats.
  • Watch math carefully. You can expect math errors in the stories you edit.
  • Practice headline writing for print and digital media.
  • Know how to tweet about news.
  • Review tests from past years.

The deadline to apply is Nov. 14. Good luck to all of the students taking the test and applying for editing internships this year!