An editor for life

In 1999, I first joined ACES: the Society for Editing. The organization was then called the American Copy Editors Society, and it was made up mostly of editors from newspapers.

Since then, ACES has evolved into an organization of editors of all kinds. Freelancers make up the bulk of its membership. That diversity has strengthened the organization; ACES is better than ever.

I had the opportunity to serve ACES as a member of its Executive Committee from 2009-2013. I’m a current member of its Education Fund board, which oversees scholarships for students interested in careers in editing.

Over the years, I have learned a great deal from ACES thanks to its annual conferences, regional bootcamps and its newsletter, Tracking Changes. I’ve also made many friends.

This month, with my membership coming due, I have decided to become a lifetime member of ACES. It’s overdue, frankly, but I still have many years ahead as a teacher and practitioner of editing. With the help of ACES, I plan to make the best of them.