Real editing in the real world

One of the goals in my Advanced Editing course is to have students work with as much real material as possible. For example, they edit stories throughout the semester for the Durham VOICE website.

Here are two other assignments from recent class meetings:

  • Create and edit a page on LocalWiki, a community-level encyclopedia site. Working with a colleague, pick a person, place or organization in our area to write about. Structure and edit the post based on these guidelines from Wikipedia. (Here is the assignment sheet.)
  • Post a story from the feature-writing course taught by John Robinson to Omnibus, a website of student work on various topics. Using WordPress, edit a features story that I assign to you for style, punctuation, grammar, word choice, story structure, fairness and accuracy. Write a headline and subheads. (Here is the assignment sheet.)

It’s my hope that these assignments will be more rewarding — and more fun — for students than working with canned content. Feel free to adapt or modify them for your own teaching.