Resorting to print media


The “newsstand” at the Club Med Cancun Yucatan.

I recently spent five days on vacation in Cancun, Mexico. It was my first time at an all-inclusive resort. At one price, I got food, drink, lodging, activities and air fare.

The price also included news in the form of a mini-newspaper available each day in the resort’s lobby. There were editions in English, Spanish and French. Each was eight pages, printed front and back on notebook paper.

The USA Times consists of news from The Associated Press and Agence France-Presse. It has the trappings of most print newspapers, including a crossword puzzle and baseball standings. Here’s the front page from the Sunday edition:


The newspaper has no bylines or staff credits. It has no advertising. At the bottom of the back page, a textbox notes that it is produced by KVH Media Group. The company is based in the United Kingdom, and it edits such newspapers for hotels around the world.

In an age of smartphones and social media, I don’t know how long USA Times and its sister newspapers will be a part of the all-inclusive experience. But at a resort with weak WiFi, I appreciated getting some news from it during my stay.