A revised course on alternative story forms

In 2008, I worked with Poynter’s NewsU to create a free course on alternative story forms. Now, we’ve worked together again, this time on a new version of that course. Thanks to Vicki Krueger and Vanessa Goodrum at NewsU for making that possible.

A lot has changed since 2008:

  • Digital news organizations have increased their use of alt story forms such as lists, games and FAQs. Even The New York Times is getting in on the act.
  • People are using tablets such as the iPad to read online, and the old course’s Flash-based presentation didn’t work in that setting.
  • Some of the examples of alternative story forms in the course became stale in design and content.

The revised course has new examples and updated exercises. It has a “digital first” focus.

The course’s goal is the same — to select and create the story form that best matches the news and information you want to convey to your readers. As before, the course is free and self-directed. I hope that you find it useful.