Where to find copyright-free photos

The photo service Getty Images made big news this week when it said that it would unleash millions of images free of charge.

It put some qualifiers on that, saying that the use had to be for noncommercial purposes and that bloggers and journalists need to embed the photos in a way to give Getty credit. You can see examples of how this looks in this post at the Nieman Journalism Lab.

Getty isn’t the only place to find free images. I’ve used Creative Commons on occasion, and this semester, the Park Library at UNC-Chapel Hill posted a page of handy links to sites offering free stock photos, archive images and logos. Thanks to librarian Stephanie Willen Brown for putting that in one place.

Stock images can bring visual flair to a story in print and online. They can also be abused. Not every story or post needs an image, but many do. My advice: choose wisely and give credit where it’s due.