What’s on the final exam in an editing course

It’s exam time at UNC-Chapel Hill and universities throughout the United States. So what’s on a final exam in an editing course? Here’s what I am asking my students to do:

  • Using InDesign and InCopy, edit a news story for everything we’ve talked about in class this semester: style, punctuation, grammar, structure, completeness, use of direct quotes, word choice, fairness, fact checking and legal and ethical concerns.
  • Write a caption for a photograph that not only describes the image but also connects it to the story.
  • Write a headline for the story for print media; this layout calls for a two-line, three-column, 36-point headline.
  • Write a headline for the story for digital media of no more than 65 characters.
  • Write a tweet for the story.
  • Proofread a chart or map that goes with the story.

You may use any resource you would have in a newsroom: the AP stylebook, your notes, the Internet. I will play the part of the reporter, photographer and graphics artist, so if you have questions, ask me.

Good luck!