What I am teaching this semester

The fall semester at UNC-Chapel Hill begins in late summer, on Aug. 20. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks revising my syllabuses* and other materials. Here’s what I am teaching this semester:

Two sections of JOMC 157, News Editing. This undergraduate course focuses on story editing, caption writing and headline writing for print and digital media, with a dash of social media. Each section has 16 students; the class meets twice a week in a computer lab in three-hour segments. Here is the syllabus for the course along with a handout on noteworthy names in the news.

One section of JOMC 711, Writing for Digital Media. This graduate-level course focuses on different types of online writing, including blogging, digital headlines and social media. It has 22 students, and it meets all the time online. Here is the syllabus for the course, and you can learn more about the certificate program that it is a part of.

Feel free to adapt, revise or ignore the materials here. You can also browse syllabuses from across the journalism school here, and don’t forget the syllabus exchange at Poynter’s NewsUniversity.

* I follow the Associated Press stylebook on this plural word, but if you like “syllabi,” it won’t bother me.


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