Telling the flowing story of the Colorado River

Since 2009, the journalism school at UNC-Chapel Hill has been a part of the News21 initiative, which explores new ways to report, edit and present news and information.

Students at UNC have focused their coverage on energy and the environment. They have told stories about coal and water, among other topics. Their work has won a slew of awards, and the 2012 edition has been nominated for an Emmy.

This year’s project, Over Water Under Fire, is more narrowly focused, examining the role of the Colorado River. Using text and graphics, the site offers insights to the river’s history as a source of water and energy. Intertwined with that presentation is a video story about veterans rafting down the river as part of their recovery from PTSD.

Congratulations to this year’s Powering A Nation team on a powerful and compelling project. I encourage everyone to spend some time with the site and to take a look the project’s blog to see how it came together.



  1. Looking forward to it. I’m almost finished with Edward Abbey’s “The Monkey Wrench Gang,” which should be a good warm-up.

  2. I found this to be the perfect blend of personal story and the story of the river. The interactive worked very well for me and I am not that computer savvy. Congratulations to the team at UNC. I rate this one 5 stars.

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