Jumping into the pool on Election Night

Here’s how I see the presidential election going tonight. Yes, I could be wrong.

Election Night on a newspaper’s copy desk is characterized by long waits for results from reporters and wire services, followed by a frenzy of editing and headline writing.

This year, I will spend Election Night elsewhere, getting results online and watching coverage on television. The morning after, I’ll look for my newspaper to tie it all together and tell me what it all means. It could even be a keepsake.

Free pizza for the newsroom was one of the traditions of Election Night in the newsrooms where I worked. An “election pool” was another one. Those of us who chose to participate predicted the outcome of various races. The winner claimed bragging rights of being politically astute, although luck may have been involved too.

I can’t join one of those newsroom pools tonight, but I will offer my predictions here. To be clear, this is who I think will win, not who should win. My voting preferences are between me and my ballot. And away we go:


President: Obama, with 303 electoral votes

Senate, Connecticut: Murphy

Senate, Florida: Nelson

Senate, Massachusetts: Warren

Senate, Missouri: McCaskill

Senate, Nebraska: Fischer

Senate, Virginia: Kaine


HOUSE: Republicans, 230-205

SENATE: Democrats, 53-47 (independents there usually caucus with Democrats)


Governor: McCrory

Lt. Governor: Coleman

Auditor: Wood

7th Congressional: McIntyre

8th Congressional: Hudson

13th Congressional: Holding