Keeping the editorial page local

When I read recently that the editorial page editor of The News & Observer is retiring after the 2012 election, I was nervous. What would happen next?

In recent years, the Raleigh newspaper and Charlotte Observer (both owned by McClatchy) have combined some areas of the two operations, including coverage of state government and sports. In 2011, the copy desk at the N&O was dissolved, with those tasks shifted to an editing/design hub in Charlotte.

So that’s why I was nervous: Would McClatchy outsource editorials and column writing to Charlotte as it it had done with editing and design? Would the N&O lose its local flavor in the editorial pages as it has on occasion on the news pages?

Thankfully, the answer is no. This week, my friend and former N&O colleague Burgetta Wheeler posted a note on Facebook that she will serve as associate editor of the editorial page. Ned Barnett, a city editor and former sports columnist at the N&O, will be the editorial page’s editor.

I worked with both of them in my time at the N&O. They are thoughtful, talented people who will excel as the leaders of the editorial pages. And they live here.

Congratulations to Ned and Burgetta. And thanks to McClatchy for keeping the editorial page local.