A farewell to The Carrboro Citizen

I was dismayed this week to read that The Carrboro Citizen is ceasing publication. The weekly newspaper (along with its website) has served the town adjacent to Chapel Hill since 2007.

The Citizen’s problems are familiar to print media in a digital age. Although it had a loyal readership, the paper apparently found advertising dollars hard to come by. As a free publication, it didn’t make any money through circulation.

The Citizen was a friend of the journalism school at UNC-Chapel Hill. It occasionally published stories written by our students. In fact, the idea for the Citizen emerged during a conversation in JOMC 459, Community Journalism. The paper was the embodiment of the “relentlessly local” philosophy of that course.

Thanks to publisher Robert Dickson for pouring his energy into the paper for the past five years. It’s been a good run, and the Citizen will be missed.


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  1. I know I’ll miss it — I was a faithful reader. It’s going to leave a hole that isn’t filled by the N&O and Herald-Sun satellite weeklies, nor by the new Chapel Hill Magazine’s The Weekly.

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