The expanding media of Raleigh

Even as the so-called mainstream media seem to be contracting, two startups in Raleigh, N.C., hope to find audiences in print and on the air.

A lifestyle magazine called Walter hits stores, waiting rooms and residential mailboxes next month. Walter is a publication of The News & Observer, and its staff includes former N&O reporters Scott Huler and Mary Miller.

Walter is aimed at an upscale audience. People who lives in houses valued at more than $450,000 will get it for free. The rest of us can buy it on the newsstand or pay $24 for a year’s subscription.

Raleigh Little Radio, on the other hand, is a grassroots effort funded through donations on Kickstarter. I’m one of the contributors.

A pair of former staff members for a college radio station hopes to offer a mix of news, talk and coverage of live events from the downtown area. The station’s plan is start this fall online and go on the FM airwaves next year.

As a Raleigh resident since 2000, I look forward to reading Walter and listening to Raleigh Little Radio. The more local media, the better.