Print is still in fashion

This weekend, I visited the Nasher Museum of Art in Durham, N.C., to see an exhibit of works by Alexander Calder as well as some inspired by him. It’s a wondrous show that I highly recommend.

In a stop at the museum’s gift shop, I ran across some newspaper-themed bow ties. They’re clip-on ties made of pages from The New York Times, covered in a lacquer of some sort.

As a former newspaper copy editor, I couldn’t resist the mix of media and fashion, and I bought two of them. I think that it’s a good look on me.

I’ll keep one tie and donate the other to the 2013 silent auction of the American Copy Editors Society. You’ll have to be at the conference in St. Louis to bid on it — or you could stop by the Nasher now and pick up one of the few left.