Q&A with Daggum Roy

Daggum Roy is the fictional Twitter persona of Roy Williams, head coach of the men’s basketball team at UNC-Chapel Hill. In this interview, conducted by email, Daggum Roy discusses the way he and his team use social media and the way the media cover Tar Heels basketball.

Q. Why is Daggum Roy on Twitter? What do you hope to achieve there?

A. Roy is on Twitter by accidental stumblin’ into. And because of bein’ smitted by the folksy speakin’, the ‘daggums’ and the ‘daggerns’, I reckon, and the fact I don’t use any ‘at gotdamn language.

Achieve?  Hope to achieve comedy, I ‘spose, and a glimpse inta what Roy really wonts to say.

Q. Players such as point guard Kendall Marshall and the walk-on players known as Blue Steel are on Twitter as well. What is your policy on the team’s use of social media?

A. On the what? Cotdamnit, told them boys The Twitter is For Growed Adults! Not for a buncha smart-alerc kids wantin’ a-talk about the ‘wheels up’ and the ‘takern a gotdern nap today’ type crap.

Now, the Blue Steel walk-on types, that’s different. Thar on the thar so won’t misplace ’em. And Wander and I can hunt ’em if thar not back by the 9:00 Blue Steel lights-out or if I need a fresh Co-Cola, pronta.

Q. Last fall, you asked reporters from broadcast and print media this question: “You guys like it when all the Internet people beat you on a story?” What is your view of the media’s coverage of Tar Heels basketball as well as sports generally?

A. What is ma view of the know-er-all media’s coverage of ma ballsquad? Well, we’re about 3 weeks away from some uppita nat’l feller with hot breakern’ news of NC2A rule-breakin’ that was prob’la already reported to NC2A and’s a non-story, but sells them papers on Final Four Eve. The timing. Got dern.

Overall, media does pretta ‘far job a reportin’ the truth, save a few agendars here or there, and with the puttin’ up with these cranka Jimma Calhouns types. Sports reporters tend to get a little soapboxery sometimes, why I prefer a more realistic, Gary Parrish type.

Q. It’s possible that you may not be the real Roy Williams. Do you care to give us any hints as to who you really are?

A. Well, that wouldern’t been any fun, now, would it?

For more about Daggum Roy, check out his website.