This blog’s greatest hits of 2011

This blog is taking the rest of the month off. In the holiday spirit of re-gifting, I offer the top 10 posts on this blog for 2011, as selected by you, the readers, with the number of page views in parentheses.

Season’s greetings, and happy reading!

1. What’s your style for blog titles? (3,391)

2. Memorable headlines: BASTARDS! (2,158)

3. Memorable headlines: The filth and the fury! (1,733)

4. Memorable headlines: GOTCHA (1,727)

5. A tribute to N&O copy editors and page designers (1,635)

6. Playing with style: Lego or LEGO? (1,074)

7. Memorable headlines: Dewey defeats Truman (945)

8. Cutlines or captions? (734)

9. My favorite newspaper names in North Carolina (675)

10. Student guest post: The evolution of chat-speak (511)