How to prepare for the Dow Jones editing test

It’s Dow Jones season. That’s when students across the country apply for editing internships with the Dow Jones News Fund.

The application includes a one-hour test that assesses skills in story editing, word choice and current events. Here are some tips on how to get ready for that, as compiled by my colleague Bill Cloud:

  • Review current events from last summer, including deaths of noteworthy people. The test was written around Labor Day. Include sporting events.
  • Study carefully word pairs listed in the AP stylebook: who/whom, affect/effect, flounder/founder, etc. There will be a section where you have to choose the right word.
  • Memorize the state locations on a U.S. map. You’ll need to link current events to the states they took place in.
  • Watch math carefully. You can expect math errors in the stories you edit.

Good luck to all of the students taking the test this year. I hope you find success as these students did.

UPDATE: The 2014 test included questions about digital journalism and asks applicants to write SEO headlines.

2 thoughts on “How to prepare for the Dow Jones editing test

  1. Do well, but remember that doing well on the test doesn’t help your case as much as you might think. Pedigree is very important. If, say, a Missouri student and a Backwater State A&M student do equally well, the nod will always go to the Missouri student.

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