Newspapers in education: Scotty edition

Scotty McCreery has been big news on the pages, website and blogs of The News & Observer this spring. Scotty, as he is known on second reference, is the winner of this season’s “American Idol.” He’s from Garner, N.C., just outside Raleigh, so his run to the “Idol” title is local news.

When Scotty was proclaimed the winner in the competition last month, his victory dominated the front page of the N&O. Only one other story made it above the fold in that edition. As expected, this level of coverage drew criticism, but other readers defended it.

The News & Observer published a follow-up article this week about how Scotty and his family are adjusting to life in the spotlight. The story includes this reference to that front page:

The McCreerys hope McCreery’s faith and upbringing will help him make good decisions as he tackles stardom. Judy [his mom] said to him that The News & Observer front page celebrating his victory also had a cautionary tale about the poor decisions that can come with celebrity: a story about the federal investigation of former U.S. Senator John Edwards.

Who knew that a newspaper’s layout, news judgment and headlines might help a young man stay out of trouble? And yes, you can buy a T-shirt with this front page on it. Maybe the unexpected combination of Scotty McCreery and John Edwards will inspire you too.

For more on how the N&O covered Scotty’s victory, check out this post at Charles Apple’s blog.