Are the reports of blogging’s death greatly exaggerated?

The New York Times reported earlier this year that blogging is on the decline. The headline put it this way: “Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter.”

The story surprised me because I still regularly read my favorite blogs about editing and writing. In addition, this blog is getting more visits than ever.

Indeed, this month has been the busiest yet since I started The Editor’s Desk nearly five years ago. I have no idea, however, how other blogs are doing, so I can speak only for myself.

Here’s a chart that shows the hits that this blog has received for the past year. Each horizontal line represents 1,000 hits. As you can see, traffic has been robust this year, with nearly 4,000 hits this month. That’s the most ever:

That said, I have changed the way that I blog because of the rise of social media. I no longer post collections of interesting links each week. Twitter is better for that. And another blog that a friend and I collaborated on has withered because we can use Facebook to share our thoughts about music, movies and other topics.

Readers come to this blog in numerous ways, including social media. In that way, I see Twitter and Facebook as complementary to blogs, not antithetical.

However you got to this post and others, I thank you for visiting. I appreciate your interest and your comments. I promise to keep blogging as long as you keep reading, and I hope that my favorite bloggers will do the same.


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  1. I read your ‘blog via RSS. I’m not a journalist, a student but a fellow ‘blogger that’s found your content informative and interesting (not necessarily the same thing!). I also haven’t bought into the FB and Twit world view of terse snippets with little continuity or substance. Keep on keeping on.


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