Some possible Mubarak headlines

The big news on the front pages of newspapers and websites Friday is about Egypt. Just as it seemed that President Hosni Mubarak might step down, he surprised Egyptians (and perhaps the Obama administration) by taking a defiant tone and saying he would remain in office.

Here are some possible headlines for that turn of events, with a nod to some memorable ones.

  • People of Egypt, you have been punk’d (MTV News)
  • Psyche! Mummified Mubarak stays in office (New York Post)
  • Mubarak to democracy: drop dead (New York Daily News)
  • Bastard! (San Francisco Examiner)
  • Dewey defeats Mubarak (Chicago Tribune)

UPDATE: Stop the presses — Mubarak has resigned, for real. Suggested headline: PEACE OUT. See the actual headlines and front pages as collected by Charles Apple.