My greatest hits

A Christmas tradition in the music business is the “greatest hits” album released in time for holiday shopping. These compilations can be quick sellers for recording companies and can provide a stopgap for bands on hiatus.

The first such compilation I received for Christmas was in 1981, when a relative gave me the curiously titled “A Collection of Great Dance Songs” by Pink Floyd. A more apt name for such a collection, if not the perfect one, is “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits.

In that holiday spirit, I offer you the “greatest hits” of this blog. I will take the rest of the month off to grade exams, submit grades for the semester, travel a little and spend Christmas with family. I’ll likely be on Twitter now and again.

So here they are, as decided by you, the readers: the most popular posts on this blog since I moved it to WordPress in October 2008. These are the full versions — no edits, remixes or live performances. The figure after each headline is the number of hits that post has received as of today.

Enjoy, and best wishes to you this holiday season. Thanks for reading, and see you in the new year!

What’s your style for blog titles? (2,488)

Memorable headlines: The Filth and the Fury! (1,965)

Redesign reactions (1,276)

Q&A with Grammar Hulk (1,243)

Memorable headlines: GOTCHA (1,013)

Memorable headlines: BASTARDS! (915)

Cutlines or captions? (705)

Memorable headlines: Dewey defeats Truman (654)

Q&A with Ken Lowery of Fake AP Stylebook (627)

Q&A with Brian Russell of Carrboro Creative Coworking (612)