Editing and explaining the news

Editing encompasses more than just fixing errors of style, spelling and grammar in news stories. Editing to explain concepts to readers is also important.

The editing of two recent stories shows a need for further explanation. Let’s take a look:

THE STORY: Greece’s debt crisis.

WHAT NEEDS EXPLAINING: Why this is happening and why it matters.

HOW WE CAN EXPLAIN: A Q&A is a great way to explain this sort of complicated story. That’s what the BBC did. The Beeb also takes on the “why it matters” issue in this sidebar.

THE STORY: A fatal shooting at the University of Alabama-Huntsville.

WHAT NEEDS EXPLAINING: The role of academic tenure as a possible motivation for the killings.

HOW WE CAN EXPLAIN: A textbox explaining the tenure process would be helpful. Why does tenure exist, and how does a professor get it? As noted here, it’s a tricky system that readers may not understand.

Both of these news events require a greater level of explanation than they’ve received in most stories. Good editors recognize that requirement and use it as an opportunity to explain and illuminate a topic for their readers.

UPDATE: The Associated Press tries to shed some light on tenure in a story that appeared on the front page of The News & Observer.