Matrimonial editing: I do … sort of

While planning weddings, some couples edit their vows, often removing the antiquated promise “to obey” from them. Others write theirs from scratch.

Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina took the editing of weddings vows to a different place. His wife, Jenny Sanford says in a new book that her husband deleted language about remaining faithful when they got married in 1989. Here’s what she said about that in a “20/20” interview:

It bothered me to some extent, but … we were very young. We were in love. I questioned it, but I got past it … along with other doubts that I had.

Of course, the governor is now infamous for his hike on the Appalachian Trail, which actually turned out to be an affair with a woman in Argentina. Perhaps those edits to the weddings vow should have been a clue.