Two takes on the Edwards scandal

How does traditional newswriting differ from blogging? It’s not always clear cut, because some bloggers write in the same straight-ahead style as The Associated Press. Others have attitude.

The latest news in the rise and fall of John Edwards offers some insight into blogging versus straight news. The story is about a new book by a former Edwards aide who helped the presidental candidate cover up an extramarital affair. Here’s how the AP starts its story, which is written in the inverted pyramid form:

A former aide to John Edwards says in a new book that the two-time presidential candidate told him he thought about leaving his wife but also cited his love for her as a reason to keep details of an affair hidden.

On the blog side of things, here’s how Gawker did it:

Someone finally read John Edwards aide Andrew Young’s forthcoming tell-all, putting a cherry on top of months of crazy Edwards rumors. He’s a wellspring of scandal — but is it all John’s fault?

The Gawker item is a “truth squad” alternative story form that attempts to figure out who’s to blame for Edwards’ various problems. Yes, it is full of snark.

See the difference? For somewhere in between, take a look at this item in Under the Dome, the News & Observer’s blog about North Carolina politics.

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  1. Great blog, Andy! I’m a Web news editor at, and I also write a blog about public records. I try to let myself be a little more free flowing in the blog, but it’s hard when you’re used to writing AP style all the time. – Kelly Hinchcliffe

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