A boy’s view of editing

My 9-year-old son, Ross, is a faithful reader of the newspaper, especially the sports section. He sometimes takes note of editing errors: “They messed up again, Dad.”

Looking at the latest newsletter from the American Copy Editors Society this week, Ross noticed the top story about “newspaper copy desks across the nation dealing with fewer editors, more duties.” I explained to him that many papers were laying off copy editors and that the quality of journalism was suffering as a result.

Ross seemed baffled by this. “There’s no point in reading the story if it’s all messed up,” he said.

That’s my boy!


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  1. My paper, The Orlando Sentinel, has become so lax that they have printed incorrect football scores for the major universities. Imagine the embarrassment for the Sports Editor to find you have reported a Gator loss when it was a win. I’m with that boy of yours.

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