ACES board launches blog

It’s a difficult time for the editing profession. Copy desks at newspapers are being decimated by layoffs, and more errors are getting into print and online. The cost of journalistic quality is a topic of conversation.

It’s also an important time for the American Copy Editors Society. The organization is working hard to remind publishers of the importance of editing and all that job entails, from checking facts to promoting stories on Twitter.

ACES is interested in working with journalists who seek editing skills even though their job title isn’t “copy editor.” The organization is also looking to reach out to copy editors in fields besides newspapers.

To those ends, the Executive Committee of ACES has launched a blog to better communicate the organization’s direction. In the blog’s initial post, ACES President Chris Wienandt put it this way:

We’re determined to better engage you — in what’s happening in the organization, in copy editing, in companies and institutions around the country where copy editing is happening. This blog, we hope, will become a conversation between ACES’ members and its board.

As a board member, I am one of the contributors to the new blog. I hope you will visit there and offer your comments. We’re here to serve you and the editing profession that we love.