Reuters puts stylebook (and more) online

The Reuters news service has put its Handbook of Journalism online for all to see. It includes what American editors would call a stylebook as well as general advice on reporting and editing.

Here are a few highlights:

On using Wikipedia: “Do not link to Wikipedia or similar collaborative encyclopedia sites as a source of background information on any topic. More suitable sites can almost always be found, and indeed are often flagged at the bottom of Wikipedia entries.

On covering cricket: “Correspondents should write a story at lunch (200 words) and update at tea.”

On listening to readers’ complaints: “As an underlying principle, remember throughout the process of dealing with complaints that attitude counts.”



  1. Thanks for the resource link. I vaguely remember a distinction for “cannot”, “can’t” and “can not”, but it’s not in the Reuter’s guide and I haven’t seen a definitive source. Any ideas?

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