My titans of Twitter

It’s been more than three months since I started using Twitter. Overall, I’ve been pleasantly surprised about how helpful the service is. Who knew you could learn so much in 140 characters or less?

I’ve also realized that I have some favorite Twitter people (or Tweeple, if you insist) on my “follow” list. Each of these people brings a mix of voice and information that I find interesting and amusing. With due respect to everyone I follow on Twitter, here are the four people (in no particular order) whose Tweets I especially appreciate and enjoy:

John Robinson, Greensboro News & Record. Robinson is candid about his job as editor of this newspaper, and that shows in his Tweets. He also has a droll sense of humor. Sample Tweet: “Some in our ad dept. wish we wouldn’t run stories about newspaper troubles. Some in our news dept. wish the ad dept. would sell more ads.” Follow Robinson at @johnrobinson.

Leslie Jean Thornton, Arizona State University. On editing topics, Thornton is like the Romenesko of Twitter. Nothing seems to get by her. Sample Tweet: “Just bookmarked JPROF, Jim Stovall’s blog for teaching journalism. Current post: Audio III.” Follow Thornton at @ljthornton.

Michael Muskal, Los Angeles Times. This LAT editor specializes in Tweeting speeches by President Obama and other leaders as they happen. He has a knack for analysis and detail that’s often missing from  speech stories in the traditional media. Sample Tweet: “Political point: As he often does, Obama pushes common action to make political change. Such is the organizer heritage. #Obama.” Follow Muskal at @LATimesmuskal.

Veronique de Turenne, L.A. Observed. A blogger, playwright and critic, de Turenne offers a blend of news and personal observations, the latter about daily life in her beloved Malibu, Calif. Sample Tweet: “Early Sunday crowd at Trancas market evenly split between hardcore surfers and hardcore hangovers.” Follow de Turenne at @HereInMalibu.

Who do you like on Twitter? Please share your favorites in the comments section.