Print, online media converge at ACES 2009

The 13th annual conference of the American Copy Editors Society is over. By all accounts, the meeting in Minneapolis was a remarkable success, with more than (over?) 250 people in attendance and an upbeat outlook that had been missing in recent years.

The conference also had a curious blend of old and new media. On the “old” side, it came to light that print advertising in local newspapers brought in many Minnesotans who had not previously heard about the conference. These were freelance editors as well as editors for local companies. Who knew that print advertising could have such an effect?

On the “new” side, the ACES site became a hub of social media. Blog posts recapping the sessions got comments, both from people at the conference and those who couldn’t be there. The Twitter feed picked up steam throughout the conference — again, from those in attendance and those following the fun elsewhere. Flickr allowed us to document the people and events of the gathering. And posting handouts online lets those of us who could not attend every session catch up on what we missed.

The mix of print and online represents the range of ingenuity and talent on display at the ACES conference. We are truly a multimedia organization.

Thanks to all for their efforts in pressing ahead in tough times and making the Minneapolis meeting a success. On to Philadelphia for the 2010 conference!