The Guardian has fun on April Fools’ Day

Most newspapers aren’t very good at being funny. They don’t see the humor in some situations, or they are too shy to point it out. When they try to be funny, they often fall flat.

Everyone, including newspapers, wants to be funny on April Fools’ Day. But that parody of USA Today isn’t funny anymore. After all, it’s hard to be clever on April Fools’ Day when The Onion makes fun of the news and the form of journalism all year.

Well, someone got it right this time. The Guardian has a perfect April Fools’ story that’s told at the expense of itself and Twitter. Enjoy, and be sure to read the Twitter-ized archives at the end of the story.



  1. Incidentally, I’ve always written ‘April Fool’s Day’ rather than ‘April Fools’ Day’, perhaps because of ‘Mother’s Day’. Now I’m not sure what’s correct and may have to go and check…

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