Yes, it’s National Grammar Day

Today is National Grammar Day. My feelings about this occasion are the same as they were National Buy A Newspaper Day — I offer support, but with reservations.

My reservations are similar to those expressed by a friend and former colleague, Pam Nelson of Triangle Grammar Guide. Here’s an excerpt from her recent post about National Grammar Day:

I would like writers to use lay and lie correctly and to get out a dictionary to be sure of the homonyms they use, but I refuse to get my unmentionables in a bunch over some deviations from the standard, especially in everyday speech.

So yes, let’s recognize how good grammar fosters communication. But let’s not become the pests who have given grammar a bad name. It’s easy to go overboard, after all.

So much for the reservations. Let’s get to the grammar. Here are three books that discuss the topic. Each is accessible, informative and entertaining:

  • “Booher’s Rules of Business Grammar,” by Dianna Booher
  • “When Words Collide,” by Lauren Kessler
  • “Lapsing Into A Comma,” by Bill Walsh

If you prefer your grammar lessons online, take a look at this collection of links.


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