Please buy a newspaper on Feb. 2


A Facebook friend recently invited me to join a cause called National Buy A Newspaper Day. It’s set for Monday, Feb. 2.

The effort’s bare-bones site says this is necessary to show support for local coverage:

Unlike radio which has become dominated by opinion or TV news which only looks for the 30 second soundbite, the local newspaper digs deep every day to get you, the reader, the full story on what’s happening in your town. The newspaper is heavily focused on local news. It keeps you informed about events in your town and keeps local government in line.

It was easy for me to accept this request, because I get a newspaper delivered to my home seven days a week. Perhaps I will buy a copy of another newspaper on this day. I’m sure I will read a few online too, but that doesn’t count.

I have a couple of concerns, however:

  • First, what about international news? Washington? Sports? Opinion and analysis? These are also part of the reason I buy a newspaper, not just for local coverage. (I also like the comics.)
  • Second, Monday is not a good day to pick for this event. The Monday paper tends to be the thinnest edition of the week — not a great way to showcase what a newspaper has to offer.

Despite these quibbles, I will support National Buy A Newspaper Day, and I encourage you to do the same.



  1. Hmm, from a green perspective, maybe NOT buying a newspaper is a better idea? While it truly sucks that editors and writers are being displaced as the media moves towards the web and more interactive tools than something printed on newsprint, maybe in the long run it’s not a horrible loss for the amount of paper saved? Just playing devil’s advocate.

    Also, I did some digging and you can read an interview with Chris Freiberg, the guy who originated the Buy a Newspaper campaign at

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