Interesting reading

  • Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times, on why headlines that refer to “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” sometimes fail.
  • Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks, on why professional sports needs newspapers.

1 thought on “Interesting reading”

  1. Love the Mark Cuban blog post. I even like his idea of how to fund beat writers:

    “We need to create a company that funds, depending on the size of the market and number of teams, 2 or more writers per market, to cover our teams in depth. The writers would cover multiple teams and multiple sports.”

    However, in terms of objectivity, it’s ESSENTIAL that his next point be followed: “[Writers] will report to the newspapers where the articles will be placed, who will have complete editorial control.”

    To repeat, the newspapers MUST HAVE complete editorial control, or else this becomes advertising for the teams and is little better (though perhaps deeper) than blogs, etc. Just in a different place, and a different medium.

    Still, I like reading such strong and well-thought out support for print newspapers.

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