It’s the new style

The journalism school at UNC-Chapel Hill has its own stylebook. It’s upated periodically, and last week, I had the pleasure of proofreading the latest edition. My colleague Bill Cloud is the editor.

It was a real meta-experience to proofread a stylebook. This edition, at about 60 pages, eliminates some of the material about media law but adds several new entries in the style section. Most of those are issues of local concern — new names for the pharmacy school and school of public health, what to call the main dining hall, etc. A few entries overrule the AP stylebook.

The most contentious entry for the faculty is what to call the university on first reference. Some prefer the full name: the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. On the other end is the lecturer who argues that “Carolina” is sufficient. This edition of the stylebook is sticking with “UNC-Chapel Hill” as acceptable on first reference.

I found a few errors in the proofs, including a misspelled word and a few italics that needed to be plain text. The stylebook will be online in January, so if you happen to go there and see any errors, let us know. There’s always editing to be done.