When to pack and unpack your adjectives

The wise FEV offers solid advice about those pesky adjectives in this well-written post on Headsup: The Blog.

That insightful post reminded little old me of this adjective-themed episode of the nostalgia-inducing “Schoolhouse Rock.” Here’s my favorite part:

We hiked along without care.

Then we ran into a bear.

He was a hairy bear.

He was a scary bear.

We beat a hasty retreat from his lair.

And described him with adjectives.

Enjoy the 1970s-era video. If you are afraid the catchy song will get stuck in your already clogged brain, just read the clever words.



  1. While you and I were of the perfect generation for these songs, their melodies and simple but effective lessons are priceless and timeless. “Interjections!” is my favorite, followed closely by the stone-soul funk of “Verbs! That’s What Happening” and the Donny-and-Marie country-rock of “A Noun Is A Person, Place Or Thing.”

  2. Indeed,that’s a good way for English learners to use adjectives.Actually,we’ve just done with describing people at school – a funny part.I like “Lolly,Lolly,Lolly Gets Your Adverbs Here” and “Verbs! That’s What’s Happening”.Should put them on my Ipod and listening to them Monday morning before my English exam lol.Have you ever tried those tracks on kids?

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