Mugged by Yahoo


This grabbed image is from Yahoo’s list of “most popular” stories this morning. The photo seems to clash with the headline — who is that surly guy? And what does he have to do with Proposition 8? Is it possible Yahoo picked the wrong photo? It’s happened before.

Clicking on the photo or the headline doesn’t solve the mystery because both take you the same story. There’s no sign of the man there. This is an annoying trait of the Yahoo site. Readers should be able to click on the image and see it and a cutline.

So I am left wondering about the identity of the man and why his mug is paired with this story. He looks familiar. Can anyone tell us who he is?

UPDATE: Mystery solved, thanks to a Facebook friend. It appears that Yahoo’s “news on autopilot” has gone astray again, picking up “gay” in the caption for this photo for a murder suspect and matching it to the Prop 8 debate.


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  1. can you now solve the mystery of why this allegedly gay man murdered his wife so she wouldn’t be with anyone else? Wouldn’t his orientation make him happy to offload her (but not OFF her)?

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