Axl Rose to the rescue


You probably read about the mini-boom that newspapers enjoyed after the election of Barack Obama. Front pages — with headlines announcing Obama’s victory — became souvenirs. Many newspapers are still selling mugs, T-shirts and other election-related items. The Los Angeles Times, for example, has made nearly $700,000 on such merchandise.

Now comes another chance for some struggling newspapers to bring in some money in an unexpected way. The people who make Dr Pepper had promised to give a free soda to every American if singer Axl Rose released the infamously overdue album “Chinese Democracy” before the end of 2008. The Guns N’ Roses album came out this month, but the giveaway did not go as planned.

Rose is irritated, and he wants Dr Pepper to make good on its promise. Among his requests for reparations for thirsty fans: Dr Pepper should buy full-page ads of apology in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and other newspapers. Apparently, pop-up ads or interstitials would not suffice.

There’s no word yet whether Dr Pepper will agree to place the ads. But that advertising would represent a nice bit of income for struggling print media. Thanks, Axl!