Places to go for grammar

This blog is about editing, which includes grammar. But it’s not a grammar blog.

Some readers find their way here looking for grammar tips. They will find some here and there, but such posts are infrequent.

If you are here for grammar and only grammar, allow me to point you in some helpful directions. The New York Times has an excellent topics page about grammar. Grammarphobia, led by “Woe Is I” author Patricia O’Conner, is also a great resource.

If you are looking for grammar exercises, here are some sites to visit:

  • Triangle Grammar Guide by copy editor Pam Nelson includes fun, five-question grammar quizzes. Here’s the full collection of those.
  • Newsroom 101 has exercises on topics such as subject-verb agreement and dangling modifiers.
  • The American Copy Editors Society site has a few grammar quizzes in this trove of tests.
  • NewsU offers “Cleaning Your Copy,” a course by copy editor Vicki Krueger. This one is the “Dark Side of the Moon” of NewsU — it has been on the “Hot Courses” list for as long as I can remember.

All of these sites are free. Enjoy!