Let’s go the mall

When you are the most popular news site in the region, you need to get things right. If you don’t, you put your position at risk.

So it goes here. WRAL.com has the name of a Raleigh mall two different ways (in the headline and lead), with neither correct. It’s called Triangle Town Center.

This is where a local stylebook comes in handy. Such a reference may also remind you, for example, that Cary Towne Center does indeed have that annoying “e” in the middle of its name.

While we are on the topic of malls, take a look at this curiously worded entry at Wikipedia for a defunct mall in Greensboro. The wiki-writers include interesting “facts” about why the mall failed and have an unusual flair for metaphor.


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  1. Do a lot of people call it “Triangle Center Mall”? Do a lot of people call it “Town Center Mall”? Then either of those names is OK. I wonder if more people call it “Triangle Town Center” than call it any of the other names. I bet not.

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