More than 25,000 served

This blog, which is nearly two years old, recently welcomed its 25,000th visitor. Everyone knows the press is a sucker for big, round numbers as “milestones,” so in that spirit, I offer this recap, highs and lows alike, at The Editor’s Desk so far:

Number of posts: 494

Most visitors in one month: 1,731 (March 2008).

Most enduring post: When I discussed alternative story forms and copy editing, a post from 2007 that still gets several hits a day.

Most enduring post via Google Image search: When I mentioned the demise of The Weekly World News and included a photo of Bat Boy.

Number of semi-fictional characters mentioned as potentially great copy editors: 2 (Larry David and Charles Foster Kane).

Number of semi-anonymous detractors: 3.

Faraway visitors: South Africa, Germany, India.

Friend and foil: John Robinson, editor of the News & Record in Greensboro, N.C., who is willing to say some things just don’t need editing.

Unfortunate prescriptivist moment: When I called out a member of Congress on “regimen” vs. “regime.” I agree with the commenter who told me: You are right for what you do, and she is right for what she does.

Number of times linked from Romenesko: 2.

Silly error: Spelling Romenesko as “Romanesko” in my blog roll.

Kind words: “His commentaries on what he reads in newspapers or online are refreshingly direct and free of academic jargon.” (John McIntyre at You Don’t Say)

Favorite headline with an R.E.M. reference: Chronic Town; for a post about Cary, N.C.

Favorite headline without an R.EM. reference: To be a blog and not to roll; for a post about blog rolls.

What’s ahead: Another 500 posts, and (I hope) more visits. Thanks to all for reading.


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  1. What is the traditional present for reaching 25,000 readers? If it’s something like cut crystal, you’re out of luck, but if it’s pixels then: congrats!

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