Hello, Larry

Poor Larry King. In recent years, he has often come off as woefully unprepared. Interviews with the surviving Beatles and Eric Clapton were especially awkward.

King is usually on steadier ground in the political realm, but perhaps less so about higher education, at least on this night. In a discussion about the presidential campaign on his show Monday, he says:

Chelsea Clinton, by the way, was confronted by another question about the Monica Lewinsky story today. It was from a student in a Q and A at North Carolina University.

That exchange took place at North Carolina State University, which is in Raleigh. North Carolina Central University, a historically black college, is in Durham. The University of North Carolina, as the flagship campus is known in the national media, is in Chapel Hill. It also refers to the 16-campus system. (See ’em all here.)

The state has yet to establish North Carolina University.