Under the Dome takes us behind the blog

Ryan Teague Beckwith, the primary reporter for The News & Observer’s Under the Dome blog, is doing some interesting work on BlueNC, a liberal blog that focuses on North Carolina issues.

Beckwith takes his questions straight to the source in “interviews” for all to see. On this post and comment thread, you can follow the give and take between Beckwith and numerous bloggers who contribute to BlueNC. Topics include “progressive” vs. “liberal,” the definition of “blogger” and BlueNC’s style of news judgment for its “front page.”

You can read the early returns of Beckwith’s reporting at the Dome blog, with a traditional “dead tree” profile to come later in The News & Observer.

UPDATE: That full profile is now in print and online. It’s a good example of how the information gathering and smaller pieces come together for a greater whole.