Interesting reads

  • Roy Peter Clark of The Poynter Institute on his crusade against “crusade.”
  • Carl Sessions Stepp of American Journalism Review on the big changes in the newsroom, including what this transformation means for editing and wire news.

One Comment

  1. It is refreshing and a little anxiety-provoking to read about the massive changes that are taking place in the newspaper industry.

    I say refreshing because it’s apparent that something had to give with the widespread use of the Web for information; it’s refreshing to see that many newspapers are making changes before the death bell tolled for them.

    It is anxiety-producing in that for those who have been in the newspaper business for years or decades, the changes probably don’t come easily to them. They are now in a position of being mentored by the up-and-coming instead of the other way around. Since this is contrary to established practice, I can see where it could induce anxiety.

    Good luck to all and best wishes for success.

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