Interesting reads

  • Ted Vaden, public editor at The News & Observer, says enough already about John Edwards’ haircut. That seems like a reasonable conclusion, given that this story ran on the N&O Sunday front page nearly three months after the “story” broke. That news peg was getting wobbly.
  • A college newspaper adviser gets her job back in a legal battle. Bad editing was among the reasons listed for her dismissal; she alleged retaliation for the paper’s news stories and editorials critical of the administration.
  • A writer at Salon rises in defense of editors — now more than ever. (Registration may be required, but this one is worth the hassle.)
  • The managing editor of the paper in Lafayette, Ind., discusses the expanding duties of the copy desk. “Today’s copy editors are not only responsible for the editing and headline writing but are also charged with production duties,” she says. “They create and design the pages; import the stories, photos and graphics onto their computer page; and often have to troubleshoot computer problems on deadline.”

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  1. That piece at Salon is great. I think you have to pay to get access, but I’m not sure.

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