Check your headlines

A few headlines that need tweaking:
PUBLICATION: The Drudge Report.
PROBLEMS: Poor word choice. “Credit” isn’t the right pick here because it has positive connotations. The killing of Daniel Pearl wasn’t a good thing. And why is “confesses” in quotation marks?
SOLUTIONS: Change “credit” to “responsibility.” Delete quotation marks.
PUBLICATION: The Huffington Post.
PROBLEMS: Punctuation error; photo looks odd.
SOLUTION: His last name is Edwards, so put the apostrophe after the S. Check under “possessives” in the AP Stylebook. Also, ask the photo desk whether the image has been flopped, which would be a no-no.

PUBLICATION: The Charlotte Observer.
PROBLEM: Run-on headline.
SOLUTION: Put a comma after “down” — it’s necessary because the headline has two independent clauses.

1 thought on “Check your headlines”

  1. I prefer the headline in The NY Times (at least the one online right now): “…Is Said to Confess” because one can have reasonable doubts as to what “confess” means in this case.

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