Singing newspapers

by andybechtel

TV journalism has “Dirty Laundry” by Don Henley. The magazine industry has “The Cover of the Rolling Stone” by Dr. Hook.

What about songs about newspapers? Paste magazine offered this list, which is pretty comprehensive. The inclusion of “Newspapers” by Stan Ridgway is essential. (Read the lyrics to that song here.)

But what about songs about other topics that mention newspapers in one form or another? Here are four five examples that come to mind:

ARTIST: The Bee Gees
SONG: “Staying Alive”
LYRIC: “We can try to understand The New York Times’ effect on man.”

ARTIST: The Clash
SONG: “The Leader”
LYRIC: “The people must have something good to read on a Sunday.”

SONG: “Another Tricky Day”
LYRIC: “What the papers say just seems to bring down heavier rain.”

ARTIST: The Smiths
SONG: “The Queen Is Dead”
LYRIC: “Charles, don’t you ever crave to appear on the front of the Daily Mail dressed in your mother’s bridal veil?”

ARTIST: Bob Seger
SONG: Night Moves
LYRIC: “Trying to make some front-page drive-in news, working on our night moves.”

Have other examples? Please add them to the comments.

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