Redesign reactions

by andybechtel

Anytime a newspaper goes through a redesign, some people are going to hate it, and they will be vocal. And the complaints are almost always the same.

Having just gone through such a revamp with this blog, I offer this list of the top 10 complaints about a newspaper redesign.

10. It looks like USA Today.

9. Why isn’t international news on the front page anymore?

8. The type is too small. I can’t read the stories.

7. The photos are too big. There’s less space for news.

6. Dumbing down the newspaper will not attract younger readers.

5. The weather map looks like the one in USA Today.

4. A redesign has never been shown to increase newspaper revenue. Never!

3. The colors are ugly and distracting.

2. I can’t find the Jumble.

1. Why are you turning into USA Today?

UPDATE: Thanks to links at Romenesko and elsewhere, this post is getting lots of traffic. It’s also being perceived in some quarters as a critique of the redesign at the Los Angeles Times. It isn’t about the LAT — it’s about typical reaction from readers to a typical newspaper redesign.

Thanks for reading.

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