Changing Times in Washington

by andybechtel

The new executive editor at The Washington Times, John Solomon, is making some style changes at the paper. The City Paper reports these style updates at the Times:

  • “Clinton” will be the headline word for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • “Gay” is approved for copy and preferred over “homosexual,” except in clinical references or references to sexual activity.
  • The quotation marks will come off of “gay marriage” (preferred over “homosexual marriage”).
  • “Moderate” is approved, but “centrist” is still allowed.
  • We will use “illegal immigrants,” not “illegal aliens.”

Solomon, vilified by the left when he was a reporter at the AP and The Washington Post, is now under fire from the right, if some of these comments are an indication. (Some of the comments at the City Paper story have the same tone.) His liberal critics are still finding fault with him, too.

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